Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is a great tool when trying to determine how not to repeat an undesirable outcome.

In industry this methodology is used in many shapes and forms from 5 Y’s to Fishbone.

A Good Hypnotherapist adopts a slightly different approach.

Why you ask?
There are a number of reasons.
There are 2 Minds: – the Conscious Mind and the Un Conscious Mind.

Being that the Conscious Mind is very Logical it would seem
that the standard system of RCA would be a good approach.

Knowing that the Conscious Mind Thinks it’s Job is to Protect,
Filter and Factor out all that causes problems
It soon finds itself in a position of uncertainty and being overwhelmed. This feeling of going over old ground and round and round in circles just compounds the problem.

When RCA is carried out under Hypnosis. The Critical Factor is Bypassed and the Amazing Unconscious mind is given an opportunity to solve the problem in the safety of the treatment room. A bit like Solving a problem using Virtual Reality.

The Unconscious Mind has an understanding why it operates in the manner it does providing that outcome that we would like to change.

When we get a chance to view the outcome differently the Unconscious can set about changing its position or view of the situation and thus rewriting the instructions.

There are many similarities .
The Key is to work with the Right Mind for The Best Outcome.

Michael Zienow