The number 3 appears in a number of places and makes a significant difference to the outcome.

A Boxer uses Combinations that change on the third in order to score a point on his opponent.
The brain anticipates the next movement after seeing two consecutive movements.
If the next movement is changed the brain thinks there should be a repeat of the first two.
Therefore resulting in an opening for the attacker to score a point. The defender is brought undone by this clever ruse .which is something that the brain does naturally.
I E : Jab ,Jab then Cross or High High then Low.

These are known as Combinations and Combinations Start with C
For C you see is the Third Letter of the Alphabet and Comes after B
In the Study of Hypnosis we use 3 in many areas as we use the letter C
3 in the number of yeses we require for Brain Bargaining.
The letter C is Critical for it is the Critical Factor that we must bypass in order to Converse with the
Unconscious Mind and Keep the Conscious Mind bored or distracted enough to stay out of the Conversation.
So with C you see you CAN.


Conscious Choices are different to Unconscious Choices.
When People have Too many choices or their choices are taken away this Causes Chaos.
It starts a Circular thought process that leaves the Person Confused and clutching for an answer in the churn of emotions that go with solving a problem logically when dealing with the illogical.
In many Fields and Disciplines 3 is what brings balance and ease to the disciplines we perform.
From the Footwork in Kali both Male and Female triangles to the three phases in power generation.
Phases equally spaced resulting in easier induction and less ancillary equipment.
Or the 24 Hours in the day which when we divide them by 3 give us 8
And we all know the ideal sleep is approximately 8 Hours
8 hours of the necessaries Work/Travel and hopefully 8 Hours of the enjoyment stuff.
Continuity, Congruence, Circumvention to prevent Circumspection
Now Let us see if you CAN. The Choice is in your hands
Clasp it tightly and don’t let anybody crush your Conquests.