Some say the evening,
Some say Daytime.

One thing for sure the key to the success is to not be talked around afterwards.
Let the effects of your session take hold before they get rail roaded by the nay sayers.
Give your amazing Unconscious Mind the chance to rewire your brains operating system. Let the change settle in and become the change you desired, not just a fluke

How many have paid for a service and expert advice only to have all that good work undone by not doing as the professional suggested or listening to the opinion of a Doubting Thomas.

Many have been to see a chiropractor and not done the exercises afterwards. We all know the outcome when you don’t do your homework.
How many have not taken the Mechanics advice only to have
a catastrophic failure.

So how does one prevent this?

Leave your session with the intent and courage that you had
When you made the appointment.

Just like your Hypnotherapist primes for success

So should you when choose to leave your burdens behind you.

And Get to where you were going.

Michael Zienow.