“Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another.”

Napoleon Hill
I went to see Michael as I was suffering from servere travel sickness and I had tried all types of natural and over the counter medications and nothing helped. With a family trip overseas getting closer I needed to try something different.

Michael made me comfortable for the session and it went really well, I couldn’t explain how I felt – but it was different.

Our family holiday was a success. I travelled really well and this made for a positive experience for myself and my family. I even went on a boat and was able to enjoy it.

Since my session with Michael I feel a lot more relaxed and this is just an added bonus.

Michael has given me the tools to travel with ease and this is something I will be forever grateful for.


Michael’s exuberant style of coercive direction allows your sub conscious mind to provide whatever is needed to remedy an immediate issue, often resulting in there being no issue after enhancing your wellbeing.

I have been to see Michael a number of times for different reasons. And for each reason he has helped me a lot to overcome my obstacles.

I find Michael to be a very kind person who will listen. I find him to be very warm and welcoming. He knows what it is all about, and I am sure he will help others.
Apart from going into a wonderful relaxing room, Michael has now on my 4th visit just needs to look at me and say one word and I’m under.
I feel different every time I come out its great, and after tonight’s treatment I now can put my arm above my head which I haven’t been able to do for months.

Thank you Michael for everything.


I have nothing but positive feedback about Michael from Southern Hypnotherapy

I severely injured my right hand and fingers in a motorbike accident. During my recovery pain medication wasn’t working very well. After a session with Michael the pain was greatly subdued. I don’t know how or why, but if not hypnotherapy then the ability to convince my brain that there was little to no pain in my hand was amazing and I will always be grateful.

Thanks again for your help.


Michael is authentic, kind, professional and offers an amazing healing process. After years of intestinal issues, one session in Michael’s magical chair has resolved an issue I had simply learned to live with.

The ability to sleep is a gift that he gives if insomnia is an issue. The greatest gift he has given me though is the sense of re-connection with my true self and the ability to experience peace of mind after a series of traumatic experiences.

Michael’s approach is no nonsense in a kind and supportive methodology. He is genuine and a truly amazing individual with extraordinary gifts and experience in helping the unconscious reconnect to the thinking/day time brain.

I would recommend Michael to anyone open enough to the experience of hypnotherapy and can attest that utilizing the services of Southern Hypnotherapy makes a real and very valued difference.

I highly recommend you see this wonderful, caring, unpretentious man and receive the peace you deserve.


Michael has the ability to drill down to the root cause of an issue, often covertly and deliver amazing transformational change for his clients. I trained alongside Michael, he has a fantastic set of skills and continues to perfect his craft. We often share ideas and techniques from across the world.

I have no hesitation in recommending Michael. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and get the results you are looking for.

Steve Swift

Certified Trainer, NLP and Hypnosis.