“We all have the Tools inside us to be the Best we can Be.”

Michael Zienow – Hypnotherapist

Open the door to your better future

Hypnotherapy has been used since Ancient Times in the Sleep Temples of the Pyramids right through to this modern age. It is being used alongside Modern Medicine to aid and speed recovery… physically and mentally.

Your Amazing Unconscious Mind is your protector and Teacher.

It has kept you safe since before you were born. It controls your heartbeat, regulates your body temperature, and even operates your lymphatic system – and it does this 24 Hours a day to keep you alive and as healthy as you will allow yourself to be.

It taught you how to find food, Taught you to crawl and then when your knees and hands were sore Helped you to walk . All this before you learnt a written or Spoken Language.

Can you imagine trying to explain that process?

At Southern Hypnotherapy we talk to your Unconscious mind with out the interference of your Conscious mind (day time Brain.)

Your Unconscious Mind will shed light on how you can release those things you want to leave behind, set you on the path to improve, and open the door to your better future.

The Strengths of Southern Hypnotherapy

Achieve and Maintain your Ideal Weight

Your body knows exactly what and how much it needs to give you the energy you need each day. You have access to perfection and unconsciously you already know what you need to be in the best shape of your life, look amazing, and enjoy the peak health you deserve. Let us help you connect with that perfection.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Stress is one of the most prevalent issues faced by people across the world! Relief from the stress and anxiety seems to be a state many are searching for. Hypnotherapy will give you strategies to better deal with stress triggers in your life, help you change the way you respond to stress, and put you back in control.

Relaxation and Better Sleep

Imagine waking feeling refreshed, full of energy, and ready for the day ahead. Learning how to let go of the day before, switch off your conscious mind, release muscle tension and completely relax your body, and drift into a state of total relaxation is an art your can master now.

Clear Phobias

Fear comes from uncertainty. A phobia is where one is so anchored to that uncertainty it creates limitations and restrictions in that person’s life. Examples of these restrictions are fear of flying, public speaking, or committing to that special person. Through hypnosis you can clear the uncertainty.

Performance Enhancement

Do you need help with achieving peak performance, super fitness, and building your confidence? Hypnosis has been used to enhance performance within a wide range of activities from public speaking, selling and leadership right through to excelling at your favourite sports activity.